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Granite has a rich beauty that few other countertop materials can match. It is a natural stone with a timeless appeal. Granite countertops take a kitchen to the next level visually and often become the centerpiece of the room.


Granite is an excellent choice for kitchens, bars, bathrooms, tabletops and other heavily used surfaces. Granite comes in various colors, styles and Finishes such as: Polished, Honed, Leathered, suede and brushed.

Each granite slab is unique and different so its always a good idea to see all your options. There are hundreds of granite options to choose from.  We have some slabs at our location and there is even more to see at our vendors warehouses.

From basic to exotic and everything in-between we have something for you. We can help you find the perfect slab or simply guide you in the right direction.

Check out the stone visualizer to get a better idea of what granite could do for your home or click on the links below to see a full inventory of everything there is to see. Also, feel free to stop into any of the locations below to see it all in just minutes from our location.


12900 I Street. 

Omaha, NE 68137

(402) 453-4383


13436 Industrial Frontage Rd. 

Omaha, NE 68137

(402) 609-7585

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9988 F Street

Omaha, NE 68127

(402) 597-8971

13259 Centennial Rd.

Omaha, NE 68138

(402) 331-3800


Quartz is practically maintenance free. Engineered quartz countertops are stain, acid, scratch and impact resistant and thanks to their non-porous surface, don't need to be sealed.

Quartz is an excellent choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops, floors, tabletops, and other surfaces. Quartz comes in various colors, styles and Finishes: Polished, Honed, Leathered and brushed.

Quartz slabs are man-made and color controlled to ensure you know exactly what your getting. Stop in to our showroom to see all of the quartz options that await you or can view all of the various quartz manufactures and color style options online by clicking one of the links below to learn more.

new qurtz list nenewewewe.jpg
new qurtz list nenewewewe.jpg
sunderlands samsara.png
sunderlands samsara.png
viatera 2.png
new qurtz list nenewewewe.jpg
new qurtz list nenewewewe.jpg
new qurtz list nenewewewe.jpg
new qurtz list nenewewewe.jpg
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Marbles classic and elegant style looks beautiful on any surface as long as you don't mind the extra upkeep that comes with it. 


Marble should be cared for as you would a fine wood finish. Cleaning up spills as soon as possible will preserve marble's natural beauty. However, with that being said, marble is still a softer stone surface and can and will potentially scratch, stain and wear over time.

Unlike granite or quartz marble is a more porous stone so it can and will stain if not cared for properly. Now, with that being said this is also what can give marble that old-world look if that is what your going for. Just be aware what your getting into before making your decision.



Quartzite (natural stone) is often confused with quartz (man-man stone) but it’s a separate, naturally occurring stone that is quarried similar to granite .


Quartzite can exceptionally strong in density, and hardness compared to granite. The strength, abrasion resistance and weathering durability are very high which means it will hold up to almost anything and is more scratch and stain resistant than most other stone options.

Sidenote: If you like the look of marble but you dont want the upkeep that comes with it then you will love quartzite. It has the look of marble without the hassle or headache. It’s much easier to care for, so if maintenance is an issue that keeps you from marble, this is a great alternative.



A traditional use of Soap Stone was the laboratory table top in chemistry labs. That application alone should serve as a great testimonial to the chemical resistance of the materials.


Being of the softer varieties of dimension stone types, Soap Stone is not known for particularly high abrasion or scratch resistance. Soapstone is highly heat resistant, and has been used in fireplace surrounds frequently to take advantage of this property.



Travertine and limestone tops are most commonly used in bathroom counter-tops. These types of stone have a warmer and earthy appeal. Travertine is a beautiful chic choice for many homeowners due to its luxurious look. 

In addition to a variety of shades travertine is also available in different "cuts" shades and finish.

This gives each stone a more unique style and different aesthetic.

Similar to marble, travertine is another natural stone that is very soft and porous. Travertine is subject to etching and staining if anything were to absorb or soak up.

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